Study Finds Marijuana Extracts Associated With Sustained Improvements in Those With Chronic Health Conditions

Marijuana extracts are associated with health-related quality of life improvements in patients suffering from chronic conditions such as pain, fatigue and anxiety, according to a study published in the journal PLOS One.

For the study researchers examined the efficacy of marijuana extracts in a cohort of over 2,300 patients (aged 18 to 97) who are authorized to use medical cannabis. Participants consumed marijuana extracts, containing various levels of CBD and THC, over the course of three months. he most commonly treated conditions were chronic pain (68.7%), insomnia (22.9%), generalized anxiety (21.5%), and mixed anxiety and depression (11%).

“This study found overall HRQL (health-related quality of life) improved over 3-months in patients accessing prescribed medical cannabis in Australia,” says researchers. “Results showed both statistically significant and clinically meaningful improvements in overall HRQL and fatigue for people with chronic health conditions.”

The study found that “Similar improvements were found in pain scores for participants with chronic pain; depression scores for patients with depression; and anxiety scores in patients with anxiety.”

The study concludes:

Our findings suggest that prescribing MC in clinical practice may alleviate symptoms of pain, fatigue, anxiety, and depression in patients with chronic health conditions and improve overall HRQL. … The findings from this study contribute to the ongoing evidence for decision making both in clinical practice and at policy level.

The study was conducted by researchers affiliated with the University of Sydney, Murdoch University, Curtin University and the University of Western Australia.

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