New Mexico: September Breaks Monthly Marijuana Sales Record

September saw the highest single-month of marijuana sales in New Mexico history.

According to data released by the New Mexico Regulation & Licensing Department, marijuana retail outlets sold $47,766,255.83 worth of legal marijuana and marijuana products in September. This is just $6k more than the record-breaking $47,759,256 sold in May of this year.

Of the $47.7 million in marijuana sold, $13,688,372 was purchased by medical marijuana patients and $34,077,883.07 was purchased by recreational consumers.

According to the Department there are currently 1,021 marijuana stores opened throughout New Mexico, with a total of 1,068,035 different transactions occurring in September. This is around 17k more transactions than in August.

All-time marijuana sales now stand at $723,854,103.16, spread out over 15,612,776 different transactions. 799,768 of these transactions were recreational consumers, with there being 268,267 marijuana transactions by medical marijuana patients.

In New Mexico those 21 and older are allowed to purchase and possess up to two ounces of marijuana, up to 16 grams of marijuana extract and up to 800mg of marijuana-infused edibles. Marijuana is taxed roughly 5% at the point of sale. Recreational marijuana sales also have an additional 12% excise tax, with medical marijuana sales being exempt.

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