Coalition of Military Veterans Asks President Biden to Swiftly Reschedule Marijuana

A coalition representing thousands of military veterans has sent a letter to President Biden asking that his administration reschedule marijuana in a “timely” manner.

The letter to President Biden was sent by multiple military groups including Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, the Balanced Veterans Network, Hemp for Victory, Realm of Caring, Hero Grown, Texas Veterans for Medical Cannabis and the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance. The coalition is asking the president to ensure that the rescheduling of marijuana  “is concluded in a timely manner”.

“Thank you for the historic action taken by your administration to initiate a review of the scheduling status of cannabis. This process represents a significant opportunity for our nation to lead with science over fear, and begin righting the wrongs of prohibition”, states the letter.

“On August 29, 2023, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reaffirmed what many of us know to be true – that cannabis has an accepted medical use in the United States and does not belong alongside the substances included in Schedules I nor II of the Controlled Substances Act. While the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) decision was one founded in science and medicine, it is also aligned with the sentiments of the American people and good public policy. Seventy percent of Americans now favor the legalization of marijuana.”

The letter states that “The actions taken by your administration and HHS have been historic, and lay the groundwork for the significant work ahead, including the need to ensure that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) expeditiously accepts the scientific and medically founded recommendation of the FDA. Only once this has occurred, can we begin to address issues to protect state markets, promote safe access to Veterans and others, support scientific research, and allow our nation to fully explore the medicinal value of this exceptional plant.”

It continues:  “As representatives of our nation’s Veterans communities, these issues of safe access and research could not be more important. The individuals who work every day to protect our great nation deserve every ounce of support as they tackle the physical and psychological impacts of their service as they return from active duty.”

The coalition says that “As a community, we see the reclassification of cannabis as a first step in evolving our national understanding of a plant that thousands of veterans rely upon for chronic pain and other serious service-related ailments. There is more progress to be made post-rescheduling and we will look to you, Mr President, to continue supporting and prioritizing access to the benefits of plant-based medicine for all of our active duty and Veterans communities.”

The letter concludes by saying “Thank you Mr President for initiating this process. We look to your leadership in ensuring this action is just the beginning – laying the groundwork for a better tomorrow. The undersigned organizations are with you in the fight for safe access, scientific research, and a better future for our Veterans communities.”

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