Poll: Majority of Likely Voters in All 50 States Support Legalizing Marijuana, Nationwide Support at 57%

According to newly released polling, a strong majority of likely voters int he United States, including a majority in all 50 states, support legalizing recreational marijuana.

For the Politics and Advocacy Poll, conducted by The Tarrance Group, participants were asked:

“As you may know, most states have legalized marijuana for medical use, recreational use or both.
But currently all uses of marijuana are illegal at the federal level. Do you favor or oppose legalization
of marijuana by the U.S. government, which would legalize it in all 50 states?”

57% of respondents said that they support the move, with just 30% opposed. 13% remain undecided.

Support was pretty even between men (56%) and women (57%), but differed substantially when it came to party affiliation and age.

67% of those aged 18 to 44 said they support legalization, compared to 57% of those aged 45 yo 64 and 47% of those who are at least 65 years old.

Although Republican support overall was less than 50%, a plurality did support the move, 48% to 42%. Among Democrats support is at 67%, while support for independents was 56%.

Among Trump supporters, 48% want marijuana legalized. Support among Biden supporters was much higher, at 68%.

The survey was conducted between January 3 and 4 and included 1,000 likely voters.

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