Delaware: Legal Recreational Marijuana Sales to Start in March, 2025, Says Marijuana Commissioner

According to Delaware’s marijuana commissioner, recreational marijuana sales are likely to begin in March, 2025, a few months after initial projections.

Marijuana Commissioner Robert Coupe in a recent hearing of the Joint Finance Committee said that the goal of state regulators is to have rules for the adult-use marijuana program finalized by Jul 11. Following this, they plan to open the application process for certain marijuana business licenses in September, and will start approving them in October.

In November, Coupe said that they will begin accepting cultivation license applications, with manufacturer licenses being accepted the following month.

Finally, retail licenses will be approved in March of next year, with stores able to open that month.

Coupe says regulators are planning to propose combining the Office of the Marijuana Commissioner with the Office of Medical Marijuana “so we’ll have one system in Delaware”.

Recreational marijuana became legal after Governor John Carney allowed two bills to become law in April.

House Bill 1 legalized the personal possession of up to an ounce of recreational marijuana for everyone 21 and older.  House Bill 2 established a regulated marijuana market, with the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement charged with regulating the marijuana industry through a new Office of Marijuana Control Commissioner.

Under HB 2, narijuana will be taxed at 15%, with medical marijuana remaining tax free.

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