Arizona: In February, Marijuana Tax Revenue Passed $25 Million for Just the Fifth Time Ever

In Arizona there was $26 million in taxes made from legal marijuana sales in February, marking just the fifth time marijuana tax revenue in Arizona passed $25 million in a given month.

There was $26,034,924 in taxes made from licensed marijuana sales in February, according to the Arizona Department of Revenue. Revenue comes from a variety of marijuana and marijuana products sold through marijuana retail outlets, including dried marijuana flower, shake, prerolls, marijuana concentrates (oil, wax, live resin, etc.), edibles, tinctures and topicals.

Since recreational marijuana sales began in early 2021, there have been just four other months with marijuana tax revenue above $25 million, all occurring last year in January, May, October and November. Marijuana taxes last February were $23.2 million, 10% lower than this year.

Last year the state made $252,872,787 in marijuana tax revenue. The total amount of marijuana taxes made since the start of legal marijuana sales in 2021 now stands at $783,506,212.

The largest amount of marijuana taxes made in a given month remains the $28,423,424 garnered in May, 2023.

In Arizona marijuana was legalized in 2020, through the passage of a citizen’s initiative. Under the law those 21 and older are allowed to purchase and possess up to an ounce of marijuana, and up to five grams of marijuana concentrates. Both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana receive a transaction privilege tax of 5.6%, with the latter also receiving an excise tax of 16%.

More detailed marijuana sales and tax information can be found on the website for the Arizona Department of Revenue by clicking here.

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