Massachusetts: $143 Million in Legal Marijuana Sold in February, Total Sales Pass $7 Billion, Prices Reach All-Time Lows

There was over $143 million in marijuana sold legally in February in Massachusetts, with prices reaching a new low.

According to data compiled and released by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC), there was $143.2 million worth of marijuana and marijuana products sold in February, almost identical to the $143.8 million sold in January despite the month being two days shortly. February sales were roughly $10 million more than the total for February, 2023.

All-time legal marijuana sales for the state now stands at $7.05 billion. December, 2023 remains the all-time top month for marijuana sales with $158 million.

Sales data includes dried marijuana flower and shake, as well as marijuana concentrates and a variety of marijuana-infused products such as edibles, tinctures and topicals.

The average price per gram of marijuana in January was $5.32, an all-time low that’s a $0.32 decrease from last month. The average cost per ounce also reached a new low of $150.93, an almost $10 decrease from January.

According to the CCC, there are currently 608 active marijuana strains available in the legal marijuana market.

Marijuana was legalized in Massachusetts in 2016, with the law allowing those 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana and cultivate up to six plants for personal use. The first licensed marijuana store opening in 2018. Recreational marijuana purchases include an excise tax of 10.75%, which is in addition to the standard statewide sales tax of 6.25%. Medical marijuana sales are exempt from both taxes.

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