Study: Marijuana Can Make it Easier for Women to Achieve an Orgasm and Can Improve Frequency and Satisfaction

According to a new study of hundreds of women, marijuana made it easier to achieve an orgasm in a majority of participants, while also improving orgasm frequency and satisfaction.

“Up to 41% of women experience female orgasm disorder/difficulty (FOD), a statistic unchanged for 50 years”, states the study, published in the March issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine. “Despite this, there is a paucity of validated treatments.”

The study notes that research “has suggested cannabis as a treatment for female sexual disorders for more than 50 years. Yet a literature review revealed no studies evaluating cannabis as a treatment specifically for FOD and no studies comparing women with and without FOD.”

This study “is the first to evaluate cannabis as a treatment for FOD specifically in women with and without FOD.” The objective of the study was to “Evaluate the effect of cannabis use before partnered sex on women with and without FOD.”

Of 1,037 participants, the researchers received 410 valid, completed surveys. Among the 387 valid survey participants, the majority of women, 52%, reported orgasm difficulty. Most were married or in a relationship (82%).

“Among respondents reporting orgasm difficulty, cannabis use before partnered sex increased orgasm frequency (72.8%), improved orgasm satisfaction (67%) or made orgasm easier (71%)”, found the study. “Frequency of cannabis use before partnered sex correlated with increased orgasm frequency for women with FOD.”

The study concludes:

Fifty years of sexuality research support use of cannabis for sexual difficulties. This is the first study to look at FOD specifically, demonstrating significant benefit. Randomized controlled studies are needed to evaluate cannabis’ efficacy on FOD sub-types, mental health and physical health conditions and other clinical implications; evaluating dosage, strain, timing, and method of intake.

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