Legislation to Legalize Medical Marijuana Introduced in Kansas Senate

A measure that would make medical marijuana legal in Kansas was introduced today in the state’s Senate.

Kansas is one of just 12 states that have not legalized medical marijuana. Senate Bill 558, filed by the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee, would make Kansas the 39th medical marijuana state.

The “Kansas medical cannabis act” would allow for the “licensure and regulation of the cultivation, processing, manufacturing, distribution, sale and use of medical cannabis and medical cannabis products”.  Those with a qualifying medical conditions would be authorized to purchase marijuana and marijuana products from licensed dispensaries, with regulations and licensing overseen by the Department of Health and Environment.

“Qualifying medical condition” would be defined as a “temporary disability or illness due to injury or surgery or a permanent disability or illness that includes:
(1) Alzheimers;
(2) amyotrophic lateral sclerosis;
(3) cancer;
(4) dementia;
(5) inflammatory bowel conditions and diseases;
(6) epilepsy or other seizure disorders;
(7) multiple sclerosis;
(8) Parkinsons disease;
(9) post-traumatic stress disorder;
(10) sickle cell anemia;
(11) spinal cord disease or injury; or
(12) severe or intractable pain that:
(A) Substantially limits the ability of the individual to conduct one or
more major life activities; or
(B) if not alleviated, may cause serious harm to the individual’s safety
or physical or mental health.

The measure would establish the Kansas medical cannabis advisory board, consisting of 24 members appointed by various lawmakers and state agencies.

For the for text of SB 558, click here.

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