On 4/20 Hulu and Disney+ Are Debuting “High Hopes”, a Marijuana Docuseries Produced by Jimmy Kimmel

Hulu has officially released the first trailer for their new docuseries High Hopes, executive produced by Jimmy Kimmel that’s also airing on Disney+.

High Hopes will debut on April 20, the unofficial marijuana holiday. The six-part docuseries will follow the owners and employees of MMD (Medical Marijuana Dispensary), one of the oldest marijuana dispensaries in Hollywood, California. All six episodes will be released at the same time.

The show will follow brothers Slava and Mishka, and their crew, as they operate a busy marijuana dispensary that has plans to expand their brand nationwide by launching additional dispensaries and their own nationwide brand of marijuana.

The show is being produced by Kimmelot, and ITV America, with executive producers Jimmy Kimmel, Scott Lonker, Ben Steinbauer, Tim Cohen-Laurie and Karl Hollandt. Ben Steinbauer will also serve as showrunner.

Cast members include Slava Ashbel, Mishka Ashbel, Jared Brady, Sumaiya Islam, Freddie Miller, Morgan Chanel Lee, Dani Martin and Uriel Valenzuela.

According to Hulu, High Hopes “is a workplace reality series” that follows the crew through “the trials and tribulations of taking their cannabis business to new heights. As one of the oldest cannabis dispensaries in Hollywood, MMD attracts a wild mix of weed-loving customers and is a home away from home for their OG employees who work hard and smoke harder!”

They say “this season builds to their biggest day of the year -420- as the gang attempts to expand nationwide and release their own top-shelf cannabis brand.”

You can find the show’s trailer below:

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