Montana’s Legal Marijuana Market Records $27 Million in Sales for May

In May, Montana continued its robust marijuana market, recording a total of $26.93 million in sales. This figure demonstrates the state’s ongoing strong performance in marijuana sales since legalization.

Recreational marijuana sales played a significant role, contributing $22.86 million, while medical marijuana sales accounted for $4.08 million for the month.

May’s sales mark the 15th consecutive month that marijuana sales have surpassed $25 million in Montana, according to the state‚Äôs Cannabis Control Division. The combined total for 2024 has now reached approximately $130 million. In comparison, the total for 2023 was $319 million, generating over $50 million in tax revenue.

Since the start of legal marijuana sales in January 2022, the total revenue has amounted to approximately $752.97 million, resulting in over $122.52 million in tax revenue. $115,502,207 of these taxes came from recreational marijuana sales, with $7 million coming from medical marijuana sales. The product range includes dried marijuana flower, edibles, tinctures, and topicals.

The record for the highest monthly sales remains at $28.5 million, set in July 2023.

Montana legalized recreational marijuana in 2021, with the first licensed retail outlets opening in January 2022. State laws permit individuals aged 21 and over to possess up to one ounce of marijuana. Recreational purchases are taxed at 20%, and medical purchases at 4%.

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