New York Officials Approve Rules Allowing Those 21+ to Grow 12 Marijuana Plants at Home

The New York Cannabis Control Board (CCB) has given final approval to rules that allow those 21 and older to grow marijuana for personal use at a private residence.

In February the CCB gave preliminary approval to rules allowing for personal home grows. The proposed rules were posted in the state’s register the following month, launching a 60-day public comment period that ended last month.

Today, the CCB voted to finalize the rules, which allows for the personal cultivation of up to 12 plants, with growers allowed to possess up to give pounds harvested from these plants.

The rules allow licensed marijuana stores to sell immature marijuana plants as well as seeds and seedlings. These locations will not be allowed to grow mature or flowering plants.

Retailers will be able to sell clones, seedlings, immature plants, cloned propagation material and tissue culture to adult consumers.

The rules will officially take effect once they are published in the state register, which could come anytime between now and the next few weeks.

Recently New York’s Legislature gave approval to legislation that would legalize marijuana farmers market, sending it to Governor Kathy Hochul who is expected to sign it into law.

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