Massachusetts: Price of Marijuana Down Almost 50% Since Start of Legal Sales in 2018

According to data released by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission, the price per gram of legal marijuana as of February was $7.12, a new all-time low.

The $7.12 average is a 49.4% decrease from the $14.09 average at the start of legal recreational marijuana sales in December, 2018. This is lower than the $7.61 average the month prior, which itself was a new low. The all-time high was in January, 2020 with the average per gram at $14.68.

In total there has been around $5.165 billion in legal marijuana sold between December, 2018, and February 19, 2023. Of this $4.17 billion was recreational marijuana sales, with the remaining $995 million being from the distribution of medical marijuana.
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New York Approves 99 New Licenses for Marijuana Stores

Officials in New York have announced the distribution of 99 new provisional licenses for recreational marijuana stores.

Despite New York legalizing recreational marijuana in 2021, there is currently just seven licensed marijuana stores open. This was largely due to a court ruling that halted license distribution in many regions.

However, just days after the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of lifting the injunction the Cannabis Control Board announced that they’ve provisionally approved 99 licenses for marijuana stores located in areas where the ban had been in effect. Applicants are still required to complete a supplemental application.
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Study: Hemp Seed May Reduce Copper Toxicity, Has “Therapeutic Role” in Animal Feed

Hemp seed supplementation “showed significant improved results against copper toxicity” and “could be recommended as an animal feed ingredient for its therapeutic role”, according to new research.

The research is being published in the May, 2023 issue of the journal Biological Trace Element Research, with the abstract epublished online ahead of print by the National Library of Medicine. The study was conducted by reseatchers from Quaid-I-Azam University, the Islamia College Peshawar and University of Sialkot, all in Pakistan.

“For decades hemp has been used as a therapeutic agent for enhancing immunity in animals”, states the study’s abstract. “Current study was conceptualized to find out the protective role of dietary hemp seed products (hemp seed oil (HO) and hemp seed (HS)) against copper-induced toxicity in fish.”
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WA Bill to Protect Marijuana Users When Job Hunting Sent to Governor

Legislation that would prohibit businesses from refusing to hire someone for testing positive for marijuana has been sent to Governor Jay Inslee for consideration.

Senate Bill 5123 was passed last week by the House of Representatives 57 to 41, after having already passed the Senate 28 to 21. Given it was amended slightly in the House it required a concurrence vote in the Senate before it could be sent to Governor Inslee. Now that the bill has been approved through concurrence, Governor Inslee has the option of signing the measure into law, allowing it to become law without his signature or vetoing it.

The measure states that “It is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against a person in the initial hiring for employment if the discrimination is based upon:

(a) The person’s use of cannabis off the job and away from the workplace; or
(b) An employer-required drug screening test that has found the person to have nonpsychoactive cannabis metabolites in their hair, blood, urine, or other bodily fluids.”
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Montana House Votes 65 to 35 to Redirect Marijuana Tax Revenue to General Fund

Montana’s full House of Representatives have passed House Bill 669 through its second reading.

Filed by State Representative Bill Mercer, House Bill 669 passed the House in its second reading 65 to 35, just a few days after it passed the Appropriations Committee 15 to 8. It will now need to pass through a 3rd and final reading in the House before it can be sent to the Senate.

The proposal would redirect marijuana tax revenue away from items like wildlife habitat, state parks and trails and recreational facilities, and would instead put all revenue into the state’s General Fund.
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Over $200 Million in Legal Marijuana Sold in Michigan in February, $32 Million in Taxes

Despite being a short month there was over $200 million worth of marijuana and marijuana products purchased legally in Michigan in February.

According to the latest Cannabis Regulatory Agency Monthly Report, Michigan marijuana stores sold 347,733 pounds and 354,020 fluid ounces worth of marijuana costing a total of $206,378,444. Medical marijuana sales were much lower at $10.01 million and 17,808 pounds sold (along with 7,030 fluid ounces).

These numbers represent a roughly 4% increase from January and a nearly 40% increase from February, 2022. The state also garnered around $3 million in licensing and regulatory assessment fees.
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Case Report: Oil With CBD and THC Significantly Reduced Pain in Cat With Chronic Osteoarthritic Pain

In a clinical case report being published in the upcoming issue of the peer-reviewed journal Veterinary Medicine and Science, oil with both THC and CBD reduced the pain index by over 50% in a feline with chronic osteoarthritic pain.

Conducted by researchers at the Universidad de la República in Uruguay, the study was epublished ahead of print by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. The aim of the study “is to highlight the usefulness of cannabis-based products as analgesics in cats.” Researchers call it “the first reported case about the use of full spectrum cannabis sativa oil in a cat with osteoarthritic pain.”

For the study a” 10-year-old mixed breed male cat presented with cl\nical signs related to chronic orthopaedic pain” was examined.  The cat´s owner reported a decrease in usual activity levels as well as difficulty jumping and vocalization during defecation, amongst other issues. Researchers determined the cats score on the Musculoskeletal Pain Index (FMPI) to be 13.
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Arkansas Bill to Codify Gun Rights for Medical Marijuana Patients Passed By Committee

A bill to make it so that medical marijuana patients and caregivers can receive, possess, conceal and transport firearms after a successful background check has been passed by a key House committee.

The House Judiciary Committee has voted to pass House Bill 1784, filed by State Representative Aaron Pilkington. The proposal would amend the state’s concealed carry license law to clarify that those issuing licenses “shall not consider a person’s status as a qualifying patient or designated caregiver under the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016, Arkansas Constitution, Amendment 98, § 2, in determining whether an applicant is eligible to be issued a license to carry a concealed handgun under this subchapter.”

The measure also states that “a person’s status as a qualifying patient or designated caregiver is confidential”, and that “The Department of Health shall not disclose the identity of a person who has been issued a registry identification card to the Division of the Arkansas State Police for the purpose of facilitating a criminal history record check or any other background check related to the issuance of a license to carry a concealed handgun”
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Over $40 Million in Legal Marijuana Sold in New Mexico in February

According to data released by the New Mexico Regulation & Licensing Department, there was over $40 million in legal marijuana sold in February, a slight increase from the month prior.

In February in New Mexico consumers purchased $41,605,770 in legal marijuana and marijuana products. $27,663,790 of this was from recreational marijuana sales, with the remaining $13,941,979 coming from medical marijuana purchases. These numbers are a slight increase over the $40.2 million sold in January, and resulted in around $5 million in tax revenue.

According to the department, there are 606 marijuana outlets throughout the state, with 887,569 transactions in February alone.
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Measure Establishing Rules and Regulations for Legal Marijuana Industry Passed by Maryland Senate

The full Maryland Senate has passed a measure establishing rules and regulations for the legal marijuana industry including licensed marijuana retail outlets.

A little less than five months after voters approved an initiative to legalize marijuana, and three months before it takes effect, Maryland lawmakers have approved rules and regulations for the legal marijuana industry. The Senate passed Senate Bill 516 today by a vote of 32 to 12.

Although the proposal has already passed through the House of Representatives, the Senate version differs slightly due to amendments being approved. This means a conference committee will be established to hash out the specific details and allow the chambers to concur on a finalized version. Once this happens the measure will be sent to Governor Wes Moore.
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