New York Officials Approve Rules Allowing Personal Marijuana Home Grows

After months of discussion New York officials have approved regulations allowing those 21 and older to grow recreational marijuana at home for personal use.

New York is one of 24 states that have legalized recreational marijuana, but one of just three of those that don’t currently allow personal marijuana cultivation. The Cannabis Control Board (CCB) gave approval to rules last week that would change this by allowing adults to grow up to six marijuana plants at a private residence, no more than three of which can be mature. The rules must now go through a legally required 60-day public comment period before they can be finalized.

Under the rules approved by the CCB, up to five pounds could be harvested from the three mature marijuana plants. Licensed providers would be authorized to sell marijuana seeds as well as immature plants.
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The 3 States With Marijuana Legalization Bills Advancing Through the Legislature

Among the states that have not yet legalized recreational marijuana, most have active marijuana legalization bills. However, only a few states have bills that are actually advancing through their state’s legislature this session.

Currently there are 24 recreational marijuana states (23 that allow licensed sales), all of which passed their legalization laws since 2012. The vast majority of the remaining states have lawmakers working to make their state the next to legalize, but only some of these efforts are actually advancing through the committee process.

Below are the states with bills moving through the legislature:
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Military Veterans and Law Enforcement Officials Call On Biden Administration to Reschedule Marijuana

In two separate letters sent this week a coalition of military veterans and an organization representing current and former law enforcement officials urged the Biden Administration to reschedule marijuana.

In the first letter a coalition of military groups, including the American Legion, the Blinded Veterans Association, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, AMVETS, American GI Forum, and the Minority Veterans of America, called on Biden to promptly reschedule marijuana to Schedule III, allowing it to be prescribed nationwide for medical use.

“The men and women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces often face difficult physical and mental challenges upon returning home. As such, we hope that in treating the wounds of war — both visible and invisible — that our servicemembers and veterans would have access to the widest array of possible treatments”, states the letter.
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Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Passed by New Hampshire House of Representatives 239 to 141

New Hampshire’s House of Representatives has approved a bill to legalize recreational marijuana, with 62% voting in favor.

House Bill 1633 was passed through the House today by a vote of 239 to 141, sending it to the state’s Senate. The measure would allow those 21 and older to possess up to four ounces of marijuana, 10 grams of marijuana concentrates and edibles with up to 2,000 mg of THC.

The measure would establish a system of licensed, regulated and state-operate marijuana stores. The law would retain criminal penalties for those caught smoking marijuana in public three or more times, with the first two times being a civil infraction.
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Vice President Kamala Harris Said Biden Administration “Changed Federal Marijuana Policy”, Sticks With Claim

On February 9 President Kamala Harris posted a campaign video stating that the Biden/Harris Administration has “changed federal marijuana policy”. Despite this not being true (at least not yet), Vice President Harris has chosen to keep the video live on the social media platform X.

In the video appealing to “young voters”, VP Harris said “We changed federal marijuana policy, because nobody should have to go to jail just for smoking weed.” The video at the time of publication has over 434,000 views.

As we noted on February 10, Harris’ video may have been posted prematurely, given that at the time of publication the Biden Administration has not made any changes to federal marijuana policy. However, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is currently considering a request from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to reschedule marijuana to Schedule III, which would legalize the plant nationwide for prescription use. Congressional researchers call the change “likely“.
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Arkansas Attorney General Approves Ballot Language for Initiative to Expand Medical Marijuana Access

Arkansans Attorney General Tim Griffin has given approval to the ballot language of an initiative submitted by  Arkansans for Patient Access.

AG Griffin’s approval of the ballot language allows the group to immediately begin gathering signatures on their initiative to expand access to medical marijuana. They must collect 90,704 signatures by July 5 in order for the measure to appear on the November, 2024 general election ballot.

The initiative would expand the state’s medical marijuana law, passed in 2016, to allow patients to grow their own marijuana at a private residence, with the limit set at seven mature plants and seven immature plants. It would also remove the retail prohibition on certain smokeable marijuana products such as pre-rolls.
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South Dakota House Unanimously Passes Bill to Ban Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC

South Dakota’s full House of Representatives has passed a bill to ban the production and distribution of THC derived from hemp, including delta-8 and delta-10 THC.

Delta-8 THC gummies (photo credit: FloraCBD).

The House recently voted 69 to 0 to pass House Bill 1125, which is scheduled for a public hearing today in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. If the measure makes its way through the Senate committee process and is passed by the full chamber, it will be sent to Governor Kristi Noem who is expected to sign it into law if given the opportunity.

The measure states that no person or entity may:
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Arizona House Passes Bill to Alter Marijuana Advertising Law

The Arizona House of Representatives has passed a bill to establish stricter marijuana advertising laws.

The House Committee of the Whole voted yesterday to give approval to House Bill 2451, sending it to the state’s Senate.

The proposed legislation “would impose additional advertising restrictions to prohibit marijuana establishments and nonprofit medical marijuana dispensaries from advertising products to individuals under 21, including advertising products resembling food and drink brands marketed to children; advertising with likenesses of toys and cartoons that appeal to children; advertising in a way that primarily appeals to children; advertising at or on public transportation; and advertising via social media or a website unless at least 71.6% of the audience is projected to be over 21.”
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Washington House Committee Passes Bill to Allow Larger Marijuana Signs and Billboards

Washington’s House Committee on Regulated Substances and Gaming has passed a bill that would allow larger marijuana signs and billboards.

The committee voted 7 to 3 today in favor of Senate Bill 5363, sending it to the House Ways and Means Committee. The proposal has already passed the full Senate in a 48 to 1 vote.

According to an official summary of the bill, the Liquor and Cannabis Control Board (LCB) “may not regulate the size of retail signs, whether indoor or outdoor, and billboards for licensed cannabis retailers.”
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Every Federal Marijuana Bill Currently Active in US Congress

There’s over a dozen marijuana-related bills currently active in the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

In December, 2022, President Biden signed the Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act into law, making it the first standalone piece of marijuana legislation to ever be signed by a US president.

Since then, lawmakers have filed multiple marijuana-related bills seeking to bring further reforms to America’s marijuana laws.
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