Montana: $1.5 Million in Marijuana Sold During First Two Days of Legal Sales

According to the state’s Department of Revenue, there was more than $1.5 million in marijuana and marijuana products sold in Montana during the first two days of legal sales (January 1st and 2nd).

Legal marijuana sales began in Montana on Saturday, January 1st. On that day, and the following day, there was over $1.5 million in legal marijuana sold. The state’s 20% tax rate allowed the state to garner $313,000 from recreational marijuana sales.

In addition, there was $443,000 in medical marijuana sold during the same period, bringing in another $17,300 in taxes for the state (medical marijuana has a much lower tax rate of 4%).

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In Just 6 Years Support for Marijuana Legalization Has Nearly Doubled in Australia

Support for legalizing marijuana in Australia nearly doubled in just a six year period.

This is according to a new report titled Changes in and correlates of Australian public attitudes toward illicit drug use, which was published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Review.

“The present study explores Australian public support for more lenient treatment of persons found in possession of small amounts of illegal drugs for personal use”, states the abstract of the study. “Support for legalising personal use of three drugs (cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine) has risen significantly since 2013 but remained stable (and low) for two (heroin and methamphetamine).”

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Marijuana Didn’t Harm Embryo Development, Improved Locomotor Performances in Zebrafish Larvae

In a newly released study it was found that exposing zebrafish larvae to whole plant marijuana “showed no negative effects on embryo development and survival and enhanced the larvae’s locomotor performances”, which “may open up possible Cannabis sativa applications in human pharmacology as well as in other animal sectors.”

The study. published in the journal Pharmaceuticals and epublished by the National Institute of Health, is titled In Vivo Evaluation of Cannabis sativa Full Extract on Zebrafish Larvae Development, Locomotion Behavior and Gene Expression.

“Historically, humans have been using Cannabis sativa for both recreational and medical purposes”, states the study. “Nowadays, cannabis-based products have gained scientific interest due to their beneficial effects on several syndromes and illnesses.” The biological activity of cannabinoids is “essentially due to the interaction with the endocannabinoid system, and zebrafish (Danio rerio) is a very well-known and powerful in vivo model for studying such specific interactions.”

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Legal Marijuana Sales Start in Montana on January 1st

In 2020 Montana voters passed an initiative to legalize marijuana. The fruits of that effort will payoff on January 1st, when legal marijuana sales begin to take place across the state.

Beginning Saturday, January 1st those 21 and older will be able to walk into a legally licensed marijuana retail outlet and purchase up to an ounce of marijuana, in addition to a variety of marijuana products including tinctures, edibles, topicals and concentrates.

The new law oddly enough placed a ban on cannabis containing for than 35%, but this is extremely rare anyway with many of the highest THC strains on the market having around or a little below 30%.

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Starting January 1st Pre-Employment Marijuana Drug Testing Will Be Banned In Philadelphia

An ordinance placing a prohibition on pre-employment marijuana drug testing will take effect on January 1st in Philadelphia.

Once the ordinance takes effect, Philadelphia will join Nevada and New York City as areas that have placed an explicit ban on employers requiring applicants to perform a marijuana drug test.

The new law does place an exception for certain employees, such as those working in law enforcement, those who are caretakers (whether for children, medical patients or those with disabilities), and those with a commercial driving license.

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Study: Low-THC Marijuana Useful in Managing Behavioral Problems Associated with Autism

According to a new study marijuana that’s high in CBD and low in THC “seems to be promising in managing behavioral problems associated with autism”,  and it “could be effective in managing the core symptoms and cognitive functions.”

Autism spectrum disorder is “a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by deficits in communication, social interaction, restricted interest, and repetitive behaviors”, states the study’s researchers. “Although more cases are being diagnosed, no drugs are approved to treat the core symptoms or cognitive and behavioral problems associated with autism. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop an effective and safe treatment.”

With this in mind, in this study researchers aimed “to share our 2-year experience with CBD-enriched cannabis treatment in autism and review the latest studies.”

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Here Are the 18 States Where Marijuana is Legal

In 2011 there was not a single state in the U.S. where recreational marijuana was legal. Now, 10 years later, there are 18 legal marijuana states. Here’s a look at the 18 states where marijuana is legal.

Colorado and Washington led the way in November, 2012 when voters approved initiatives to legalize marijuana, for all uses, for those 21 and older. In the following years 16 other states followed course, with more expected to do so soon.

Below we will take a look at all 18 legal marijuana states (in no particular order), with a breakdown of the each state’s policies regarding possession limits and home grows (all 18 states have the age limit at 21 and older).

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Study: Marijuana-Derived Phytocannabinoids Useful in Combatting Parkinson’s Disease

Phytocannabinoids derived from marijuana may ameliorate the progression of Parkinson’s disease, and may reduce the risk of developing it to begin with.

This is according to a new study published by the journal Brain Science, and titled The Neuroprotective Effects of Cannabis-Derived Phytocannabinoids and Resveratrol in Parkinson’s Disease: A Systematic Literature Review of Pre-Clinical Studies.

“Currently, there are no pharmacological treatments able to reverse nigral degeneration in Parkinson’s disease (PD), hence the unmet need for the provision of neuroprotective agents”, states the study’s abstract. “Cannabis-derived phytocannabinoids (CDCs) and resveratrol (RSV) may be useful neuroprotective agents for PD due to their anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties.”

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CBD is Effective in Treating Stress, Finds New Study

According to a new meta-study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, CBD is “effective in significantly reducing the stress response”, and is “non-inferior to pharmaceutical comparators”.

As noted by the study’s researchers, our body’s stress response “is a well-defined physiological function activated frequently by life events.” However, “sometimes the stress response can be inappropriate, excessive, or prolonged; in which case, it can hinder rather than help in coping with the stressor, impair normal functioning, and increase the risk of somatic and mental health disorders.”

With this in mind, “there is a need for a more effective and safe pharmacological treatment that can dampen maladaptive stress responses.” The endocannabinoid system “is one of the main regulators of the stress response.”

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Legislation to Legalize Marijuana Prefiled in Maryland

Legislation that would put the legalization of marijuana to a vote of the people next year in Maryland has been prefiled by Delegate Luke Clippinger.

The constitutional amendment – House Bill 1 – has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee, which Clippinger is the chair of. If it makes its way through the state’s legislature, it would be placed on the November, 2022 general election ballot.

House Speaker Adrienne Jones has said that lawmakers “will pass legislation early next year” to put marijuana legalization to a vote of the people, likely referring to this newly filed measure.

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