New Report Details the Best and Worst Cities for a Cannabis Vacation

A new report details the best and worst U.S. cities for a ‘Canna-cation,’ including the most and least expensive for marijuana.

Upgraded Points, a travel information industry leader, analyzed 50 major cities where recreational marijuana is legal to find the best cities for a cannabis vacation. The researchers considered 10 ranking factors strongly related to marijuana tourism, including marijuana-friendly rentals, guided cannabis tours, 420-experiences, dispensaries, costs, and more.

Three Colorado cities rounded out the top 10 list, with Denver leading the way at No. 1, followed by Boulder (4), and Colorado Springs (8). Additionally, two California cities scored high, with Oakland and San Jose coming in at No. 3 and 9, respectively. Nevada made an appearance with both Henderson (7) and Las Vegas (10) making the list. Portland, ME was the only Eastern city to make the top 10.

Western states with legalization laws from six to 10 years old received higher marks, equating costs to how long recreational cannabis has been legalized.

“In these states, economies of scale have been built over the last decade, bolstered by a booming weed market that includes dispensaries, farm tours, and cannabis lounges,” Upgraded Points founder Alex Miller wrote in the comprehensive findings. “The industry supports over 83,000 jobs in California alone.”

While the West may be cheaper to explore bud, Northern states have the highest costs associated with cannabis vacations: Burlington, Vermont (#4), Bridgeport, Connecticut (#5), and Boston, Massachusetts (#9) are three of the most expensive cities for a trip.

‘”Canna-cations’ in eastern states like ConnecticutVermont, and Massachusetts can be much pricier… as the infrastructure for using, purchasing, and producing cannabis is far less established in these areas,” Miller stated.

Here are the key findings:

  • The most cost-efficient destinations for a cannabis vacation are Oakland, California. and Spokane, Washington, where a tourist can enjoy a four-day “canna-cation” for $1,068 and $1,135, respectively. Vacations in both cities are over 22% cheaper than the national average cost of $1,262.

  • The best city for a cannabis vacation overall is Denver, home to 19 guided cannabis bus tours and 64 licensed dispensaries for every 100,000 people.

  • The cost of a cannabis vacation is noticeably cheaper in western states like ColoradoCalifornia, and Washington where adult, recreational weed usage has been legal for 6 to 10 years.

  • An ounce of weed is most expensive in Washington, D.C.VirginiaIllinois, and Vermont. In D.C., an ounce of high-quality dope costs $590.50 –– almost twice the national average cost of $294.68.


You can check out the full study here:

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