Study Finds Cannabigerol (CBG) “Promising for Developing a Transdermal Dosage for Pain Management”

The cannabis compound cannabigerol (CBG) may be useful in combatting pain, according to new research published in the recent issue of the journal Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy

As noted by the study’s abstract, the antinociceptive activity of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD) has been widely studied. However, “the antinociceptive effects of other cannabis components, such as cannabichromene (CBC) and cannabigerol (CBG), have rarely been revealed.”

With this in mind, researchers “investigated the antinociceptive effect of CBG on different pain models, and explored the mechanism of action of CBG to exert antinociceptive effects.”

Specifically they “compared the antinociceptive effects of CBC, CBD, and CBG on the carrageenan-induced inflammatory pain model in mice, and the results showed that CBG had a better antinociceptive effects through intraplantar administration.”

On this basis, they further investigated the antinociceptive effect of CBG on CIA-induced arthritis pain model and nerve pain model in mice, and found that CBG also relieved on both types of pain.

Then, “we explored the antinociceptive mechanism of CBG, which revealed that CBG can activate TRPV1 and desensitize it to block the transmission of pain signals.”

The study found that CBG can further activate CB2R, but not CB1R, to stimulate the release of β-endorphin, which greatly promotes the antinociceptive effect.

“Finally, the safety test results showed that CBG had no irritating effect on the rabbits’ skin, and it did not induce significant biochemical and hematological changes in mice.”

The study notes that “Transdermal delivery results also indicated that CBG has certain transdermal properties.”

Researchers conclude that “Overall, this study indicates that CBG is promising for developing a transdermal dosage for pain management.”

The full text of this study can be found here.

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