Chiefs TE Travis Kelce Predicts Up to 80% of NFL Players Use Marijuana

Travis Kelce, starting tight end for the Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs, predicts that a majority of NFL players use marijuana on a regular basis.

Chiefs TE Travis Kelce in a game against the Pittsburgh Stealers.

Kelce told Vanity Fair this week that although he was “so embarrassed” when he failed a drug test for marijuana while playing in Cincinnati, he says nowadays trends are changing and many players are taking advantage of the NFL’s recently loosened marijuana policies.

Prior to 2021 NFL players were subject to numerous drug tests throughout each year. Under current NFL rules players are required to undergo just one annual marijuana test at the start of training camp, and punishments for testing positive for marijuana are more lenient.

“If you just stop (using) in the middle of July, you’re fine,” said Kelce. “A lot of guys stop a week before and they still pass (drug tests) because everybody’s working out in the heat and sweating their tail off. Nobody’s really getting hit for it anymore.”

As a result of this change Kelce’s says that “somewhere between 50 and 80% of players in the league use marijuana.” The league has over 1,500 players.

Former Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams has previously made a similar prediction,  saying that “at least 80 percent” of players use marijuana.

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