Minnesota: At Least 66,000 Marijuana Charges Will Be Expunged August 1

Following the governor’s signature of HF 100, Minnesota officials say that starting August 1st tens of thousands of marijuana charges will be expunged with thousands more put into consideration.

According to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the agency HF 100 tasks with handling marijuana expungements, work on establishing the process for marijuana expungements is already underway. They say that starting August 1st at least 66,000 marijuana charges will be expunged with another 230,000 put up for consideration.

As outlined in the legalization bill the expungements will be handled automatically and will not require individuals to submit an application. A Cannabis Expungement Board will be in charge of ensuring records are sealed following expungement. The expungements will apply to all marijuana charges that will become legal under HF 100.

August 1st is also the day that marijuana will become legal for those 21 and older. On this day those 21+ will be allowed to possess up to two ounces of marijuana, eight grams of marijuana concentrates and 800mg of marijuana edibles. They will also be allowed to grow up to eight plants and possess up to two pounds at a private residence. Licensed marijuana retail outlets are expected to open their doors late next year.

Minnesota is the 23rd state to legalize marijuana, but one of only a handful that allows for the automatic marijuana expungements.

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