Hearing Scheduled for Massachusetts Bill to Legalize Curbside Marijuana Pickup

A legislative proposal that would allow marijuana stores in Massachusetts to sell marijuana via curbside pickup has been scheduled for a hearing on July 18.

The Joint Committee on Cannabis Policy has scheduled a hearing at 10:30 AM on July 18 to consider House Bill 121. Under the proposed law, a marijuana establishment “may create retail drive-up curbside pickup for the sale of medical and recreational marijuana, including but not limited to both external and internal curbside pickup.”

The establishment “must seek approval from the town or city where the establishment is located. The establishment’s drive-up curbside pickup must be in compliance with all town or city ordinances regulating drive-up curbside pickup.”

The proposal was filed by State Representatives Michael Soter and Joseph McKenna, both Republican.

House Bill 121 was first filed in February in the House and concurred by the Senate the same day.  For the full text of this one-page bill, click here.

In Massachusetts there was more legal marijuana sold in June than any month prior with $151.8 million, according to data released by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission.

Marijuana was legalized in Massachusetts in via a citizen initiative in 2016. The law allows those 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana and grow up to six plants. Licensed retail outlets are authorized to sale a variety of marijuana products. The average price per gram in June reached an all-time low of $5.82.

On July 18 the the Joint Committee on Cannabis Policy is also set to consider Senate Bill 60 to allocate 1% of marijuana tax revenue into the Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund

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