Pennsylvania Senate Committee Votes to Allow Doctors to Recommend Medical Marijuana for Any Condition, Legalize Edibles

Pennsylvania’s Senate Law and Justice Committee has passed legislation that would allow physicians to recommend medical marijuana and medical marijuana products for any reason or ailment they see fit.

The committee voted 10 to 1 to move Senate Bill 835 to the Senate Appropriations Committee. Passage through Appropriations would allow the measure to be considered by the full Senate.

Filed by Republican Senator Mike Regan, who chairs the Law and Justice Committee, SB 835 would make Pennsylvania one of the only states to allow doctors to recommend medical marijuana for any ailment they deem it useful, rather than requiring the patient to have one of a set list of medical conditions. Under current Pennsylvania law someone must have one of 24 medical ailments in order to be legally recommended medical marijuana.

The legislation would also eliminate expiration dates on medical marijuana identification cards. Senator Regan says he supports this move as it reduces cost barriers for patients.

The committee passed a seperate medical marijuana bill, Senate Bill 538, also 10 to 1. Filed by Senator Dan Laughlin, the measure would expand Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program to include edibles. Under current law although pills, tinctures, and liquids are allowed, marijuana-infused food products are not.

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