Michigan: Record-Breaking $260 Million in Legal Marijuana Sold in June

There was over a quarter billion dollars in legal marijuana sold in June in Michigan, a new monthly record.

Michigan marijuana sales reached $260.8 million in June, the highest single-month of legal marijuana sales in the state’s history. This marks a 6% increase from the total sales in May, and an almost 40% increase from June, 2022.

Of the $260 million in legal marijuana sold, just $6.6 million was purchased by medical marijuana patients, with the remaining $254 million sold to recreational consumers.

Legal recreational marijuana sales to date for Michigan is now around $5.3 billion, with sales begining in December, 2019. When you account for medical marijuana sales during that period, total sales are above $6.5 billion.

The current average cost per ounce of recreational marijuana is around $90, on par with the $90.64 average in May and about half of the $180 average when legal recreational marijuana sales first began.

Michigan voters legalized marijuana in November, 2018. The law allows those 21 and older to possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and up to 15 grams of concentrate.

Yesterday the Michigan Civil Service Commission gave approval to a change in rules that bans pre-employment marijuana testing for most government employees.

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