Maryland: $87 Million in Legal Marijuana Sold in July

July marked the first month of legal recreational marijuana sales in Maryland, with over $87 million sold.

Maryland marijuana stores sold $87.4 million worth of marijuana and marijuana products in July, the first month marijuana sales were allowed to those who aren’t patients. This is roughly double the total number of sales for June, when just medical marijuana sales were allowed.

Under Maryland’s marijuana law licensed marijuana retail outlets are authorized to sell dried marijuana as well as marijuana products including concentrates, topicals and edibles, to anyone who’s at least 21 years older. The purchase limit is 1.5 ounces of dried marijuana flower, up to 12 grams of concentrated marijuana products such as hash or oil, and marijuana edibles infused with up to 750 mg of THC.

Regulations for the marijuana industry is overseen by the Maryland Cannabis Administration, with the Division of Cannabis Regulation and Enforcement tasked with reviewing, approving and issuing licenses for marijuana businesses.

Under the new law marijuana is taxed at 9%, with medical marijuana patients exempt. Localities are not allowed to ban dual outlets that sell medical and recreational marijuana, nor can they establish a city specific tax.

As of July 1 there was 100 recreational marijuana stores open throughout the state.

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