Alabama Officials Rescind All Medical Marijuana Licenses

At their Thursday meeting the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) officially reset the licensing process for the new industry, rescinding all licenses and denials that have been awarded thus far.

In June the AMCC awarded 21 companies with medical marijuana licenses. Due to litigation the commission voided these licenses in August and issued 24 new licenses. Now, the commission has rescinded all of the licenses and denials from August, allowing them to issue a third round of licenses under rules that were adopted earlier this month.

“We decided to start all over as far as the award,” said Rex Vaughn, the chair of the AMCC. “It doesn’t matter if [there are lawsuits] or not, they’ll all be taken into consideration after the presentations.”

The commission will be throwing out applicant “scores” issued by the University of South Alabama, one of the points of contention among those seeking a process change.

The new rules allow applicants to contest deficiencies found in their application, with presentations open to the public.

Aretha Dix, a former member of the Alabama Medical Cannabis Study Commission and an individual who was initially denied a medical marijuana license, applauded the commissions’ move.

“I feel like it’s now fair. It’s officially fair. I think it’s how it should have been initially, but I’m excited that we get a chance to say ‘Hey, this is who we are.’”

The commission will accept public comments on applicants starting today. Comments must be given online (by clicking here), and must be submitted by November 26.

Below is the presentation schedule issued by the commission:

  • November 27: Cultivator and State Testing Laboratory Applicants
  • November 28: Secure Transporter and Processor Applicants
  • November 29: Dispensary Applicants
  • December 4th to 8th: Integrated Facility Applicants
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