Study: CBD Decreased Total Seizures and Seizure Days in Cohort of Dogs

According to a new study the marijuana compound cannabidiol (CBD) “decreased total seizures and seizure days compared to placebo when administered to dogs PO at 9 mg/kg/day.”

Published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, the study was conducted by researchers at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University.

“Approximately 30% of dogs with idiopathic epilepsy (IE) are drug-resistant”, notes the study. “Recent studies have suggested cannabidiol (CBD) may be an effective anticonvulsant in dogs with IE.”

With that in mind, the objective of this study was to “evaluate the addition of CBD to antiseizure drugs (ASDs) on seizure frequency and to report adverse events in dogs with drug-resistant IE.”

For this double-blinded placebo-controlled crossover study, researchers used 51 dogs having at least two seizures per month while receiving at least one ASD.

The 5 mg/kg/day dosage met futility requirements after 12 dogs, and a dosage of 9 mg/kg/day was used in the next 39 dogs. Dogs were randomly assigned to receive CBD or placebo for 3 months, with a 1-month washout period between oils. Total numbers of seizures and seizure days were recorded. Diagnostic testing was performed periodically throughout the trial.

“At the 9 mg/kg/day dose, the decrease in total seizure frequency was significant compared with placebo”, found researchers. “A 24.1% decrease in seizure days occurred in dogs receiving CBD and a 5.8% increase occurred in dogs receiving placebo (P ≤ .05). No significant difference was found in the number of responders (≥50% decrease in total seizures or seizure days).”

Researchers conclude:

Cannabidiol decreased total seizures and seizure days compared to placebo when administered to dogs PO at 9 mg/kg/day. Liver enzymes should be monitored with administration of CBD in dogs.

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