Illinois: Over $165 Million in Legal Marijuana Sold in September

In Illinois there was $165.5 million worth of marijuana sold legally in September.

Recreational marijuana consumers purchased $139.5 million worth of marijuana in September, a slight increase over the $139.2 sold in August. In terms of medical marijuana, there was $26 million purchased in September, a slight decrease from the $26.5 million sold in August. This is according to data compiled and released by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

Of the $139.5 million in recreational marijuana sold, $34.5 million was purchased by those living outside of Illinois, while $105 million was purchased by Illinois residents.

“Usable Marijuana” (dried flower) represented the most purchased category at $81.5 million. In second place was marijuana extracts meant for inhalation (wax, shatter, etc.) at $53.7 million, followed by solid marijuana infused edibles at $21.5 million.

The average price per gram of marijuana in September was $9.78, beating the all-time low set last month by $0.01. The average price per gram of marijuana extracts also reached an all-time low of $65.59, a $3 per gram decrease from last month.

In Illinois marijuana was legalized for those 21 and older in 2019, with the first marijuana store opening the following year. The possession limit for residents is 30 grams of cannabis flower, five grams of cannabis concentrate and no more than 500 milligrams of THC contained in a cannabis-infused product. The possession limit for non-Illinois residents is 15 grams of cannabis flower, 2.5 grams of cannabis no more than 250 milligrams of THC contained in a cannabis-infused products.

According to a recent report, Illinois has the third largest cannabis market in the country, but it also has some of the highest prices.

Late last month workers at five Sunnyside Dispensaries (a subsidiary of multi-state cannabis operator Cresco) reached tentative agreements for first union contracts with Teamsters Local 777, according to a press release.

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