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Anthony Martinelli is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Marijuana Herald, a daily marijuana news and information website that launched in 2018. You can reach Anthony at [email protected].

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Bill to Legalize Personal Marijuana Cultivation Passed by Washington State House Committee

Legislation that would legalize the personal cultivation of marijuana throughout Washington State has been passed by a key committee in the House of Representatives. House Bill 1614 was passed today by the House Regulated Substances and Gaming Committee by a vote of 7 to 4. The proposed law would allow those 21 and older to …

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Report: Global Legal Cannabis Market Valued at $47 Billion in 2023, to Grow to $76 Billion by 2027

The global market for legal marijuana is expected to be valued at $47.5 billion by the end of 2023, and is expected to grow to $76 billion by 2027, according to a new report from Statista. “The maturity of the Cannabis market varies across the globe mainly due to differing legal environments and public attitudes …

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Trulieve Becomes First Cannabis Company to Launch Advertising Campaign Under New Twitter Policy

Trulieve Cannabis Corp., a leading cannabis company in the United States, today became the first multi-state operator in the cannabis industry to launch advertising campaigns on Twitter. The launch of the new campaign follows a policy change made by the global social media platform today that now allows cannabis companies to advertise. “Trulieve is very …

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Global Hemp Market to Grow From $6.87 Billion to $19.37 Billion by 2030

The global market for hemp is currently valued at $6.87 billion with expectations that it’ll grow to be worth nearly $20 billion by 2030. This is according to a new Global Hemp Market report conducted and published by Cognitive Market Research. The anticipated growth represents a compound annual growth rate of 22.6%. “Hemp is considered …

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Marijuana Legalization Bills Prefiled in Louisiana Legislature


A lawmaker in Louisiana has prefiled two separate bills in the state’s House of Representatives to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana, with a third forthcoming. State Representative Candace Newell has prefiled two different legislative proposals aimed at legalizing marijuana and established a licensed and regulated system of marijuana retailers and producers, with one more on …

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Virginia Bill to Legalize Marijuana Sales “Passed By Indefinitely” in a House Subcommittee Vote

Virginia legislation that would allow for the legal and regulated distribution of marijuana and marijuana products has been “Passed By Indefinitely” in a House subcommittee vote. Senate Bill 1133 was “Passed By Indefinitely” today in a 5 to 3 vote by the House General Laws Subcommittee. The proposal, sponsored by Senator Jennifer McClellan, was recently …

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Eighth House Committee and Sixth Senate Committee Approve Bill to Legalize Marijuana in Minnesota

A Minnesota bill that would make marijuana legal throughout the state continues to advance at breakneck speed in the state’s legislature. Earlier today House Human Services Policy Committee in a voice vote agreed to advance legislation to legalize marijuana for everyone 21 and older. This marks the eighth House committee to advance the proposal. Shortly …

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Why Marijuana Should be Legalized, According to AI

Below is an article on why marijuana should be legalized, written entirely by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Marijuana legalization has been a hotly debated topic for decades. While some people argue that marijuana should remain illegal due to its potential negative effects on health and society, there is a growing body of evidence that supports its legalization.  …

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Constitutional Amendment to Legalize Marijuana Filed in Arkansas

A legislative proposal to legalize marijuana via a constitutional amendment has been introduced in the Arkansas Senate. Filed by State Senator Joshua Bryant, the bill would allow those 21 and older to possess and consume marijuana and marijuana products for all uses. It would also establish a licensed and regulated system of marijuana retail outlets …

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Fifth Senate Committee Votes to Legalize Marijuana in Minnesota Following Seven House Committees Doing to the Same

Yet another Minnesota Senate committee has passed a bill to legalize recreational marijuana. The Senate Environment, Climate, and Legacy passed the measure in a tight 5 to 4 vote, making them the fifth committee in the Senate to approve the measure and move it forward in the committee process. It will need to pass a …

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