Pilot Study Finds “CBD is Effective for Reducing Seizure Frequency and Anxiety Symptoms”

According to a pilot study published by the journal Biological Psychiatry, the marijuana compound cannabidiol (CBD) “is effective for reducing seizure frequency and anxiety symptoms, with most patients showing reductions over time.”

Conducted by researchers from Wayne State University and the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, the study is titled Effects of Cannabidiol Treatment on Anxiety, Seizure Frequency, and Plasma Endocannabinoid Concentrations in Pediatric Epilepsy Patients: A Pilot Study.

The study notes that CBD, specifically Epidiolex, is FDA-approved for the treatment of epilepsy in children and adults. However, “the mechanism of CBD in the treatment of epilepsy is not entirely clear.” With that in mind, for this study the “impact of CBD treatment on anxiety and endocannabinoid signaling, in individuals with or without epilepsy” is examined.
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WA Legislature Votes to Approve Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) Bill

Washington State’s full legislature has now voted in favor of establishing a task force and pilot program for the therapeutic and medical use of psilocybin, the psychedelic compound found in magic mushrooms.

Washington’s House of Representatives voted 87 to 10 today to pass Senate Bill 5263 through its third and final reading. The vote comes a little over a month after the Senate voted 41 to 7 to send the measure to the House. Given it was amended in the House, it will need to receive a concurrence vote in the Senate before it can be sent to Governor Jay Inslee.

SB 5263 would establish a task force designed to research psilocybin and create a pathway to full legalization while establishing a pilot program for supervised psilocybin use for first responders and military veterans. The measure was filed by Senator Jesse Salomon along with a bipartisan coalition of 21 cosponsors.
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Bill Banning Police from Using Marijuana Smell to Detain or Conduct Searches Passed by Maryland Legislature

Maryland’s full legislature has passed legislation that will prohibit police from using the smell of marijuana as reasonable suspicion or probable cause in order to detain an individual.

House Bill 1071 was filed by Delegate Charlotte Crutchfield along with 43 cosponsors. The proposal was passed by the House of Delegates 101 to 36, and was passed by the Senate unanimously, 27 to 0. This sends the measure to Governor Wes Moore, who is expected to sign it into law.

House Bill 1071 would prohibit “a law enforcement officer from initiating a stop or a search of a person, a motor vehicle, or a vessel based solely” on the smell of marijuana. The proposal would also reduce the fine associated with smoking marijuana in public (which remains a civil infraction even under the voter-approved legalization initiative) from $250 to $50 for a first offense, and from $500 to $150 for subsequent offenses.
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Texas House Passes Bill to Add Chronic Pain as Medical Marijuana Condition and Replace THC Cap

A bill that would expand Texas’ medical marijuana program has been passed by the state’s full House of Representatives.

House Bill 1805, sponsored by Representative Stephanie Klick, was passed today by the house in an overwhelming 121 to 23 vote. This sends the measure to the Senate, with passage in the Senate sending it to Governor Greg Abbott for consideration.

House Bill 1805 would add chronic pain “for which a physician would otherwise prescribe an opioid” to the state’s list of medical ailments that qualify an individual to become a medical marijuana patient. The legislation would also replace the 1% cap on THC content by instead instituting a volumetric dose of 10mg.
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Federal Court in Texas Rules it’s Unconstitutional to Ban Marijuana Users From Owning Firearms

The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas has ruled that prohibiting someone from possessing guns simply because they consume marijuana is unconstitutional.

The ruling from Judge Kathleen Cardone stems from a case brought forth by El Paso resident Paola Connelly. Connelly had been charged with multiple counts of possessing and transferring a firearm after admitting to being a consumer of marijuana. After granting a motion for reconsideration Judge Cardone dismissed all of the charges against Connelly. The case is the United States of America v. Paola Connelly.

The judge, who was appointed years ago by then-President George W. Bush, ruled against the U.S. Justice Department in stating that “any historical tradition of disarming ‘unlawful’ individuals does not support disarming Connelly for her alleged marijuana use”, noting that possessing small amounts of marijuana is only a misdemeanor and thus should not result in someone losing their gun rights.
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Louisiana Bills to Legalize Marijuana Like Alcohol Receive Committee Assignments

Two pieces of legislation that would work together to legalize marijuana for those 21 and older in Louisiana have received committee assignments roughly two months after they were filed.

Filed by State Representative Candace Newell, House Bill 24 would legalize the possession and distribution of marijuana “contingent upon legislative enactment of a statutory regulatory system and establishment of a sales tax”. House Bill 17 would work in conjunction with HB 24 by allowing marijuana stores. The Department of Agriculture would be directed to issue 10 licenses for the legal cultivation and processing of marijuana, and 40 licenses for marijuana retail outlets.

Newell says the bills would treat marijuana “Just like alcohol.” She says “You have a license to sell alcohol. If you don’t have a license you can’t sell it. The same will be with recreational marijuana.”
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Connecticut: $22 Million in Legal Marijuana Sold in March, Year-to-Date Total Tops $50 Million

Legal marijuana sales surpassed $22 million in Connecticut in March, just the second full month of legal recreational marijuana sales.

In March there was $22,139,154 in legal marijuana and marijuana products sold in Connecticut. $12,576,006 of this was from medical marijuana sales, with $9,563,148 being from the distribution of recreational marijuana. This brings the year-to-date total for legal marijuana sales in Connecticut to $53,778,940.

In March there was 339,062 different medical marijuana products sold. In terms of recreational marijuana products, there was 234,974 products sold. This is an increase from the 316,644 and 168,565 sold in February.
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Arkansas Legislature Passes Medical Marijuana Gun Rights Bill, Sending it to Governor

Arkansas legislation that would codify gun rights for medical marijuana patients has now been passed by the state’s full legislature, sending it to Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

House Bill 1784, which would amend the state’s gun laws to explicitly establish legal rights for medical marijuana patients, was passed by the full Senate on Friday by a vote of 26 to 3. The measure has already been passed by an 82 to 5 vote by the House of Representatives.

Although Governor Sanders has not given word on whether or not she will sign the measure into law or veto it,  it’s worth noting that the legislation passed with well more than enough votes to override an executive veto which can be done with a two-thirds majority.
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Nevada: $70 Million in Legal Marijuana Sold in January, $11 Million in Taxes

Marijuana sales in Nevada were just above $70 million in January according to data released by the Nevada Department of Taxation.

The $70,254,611 in marijuana purchased in January resulted in $11,994,093 in tax revenue for the state and the localities within it. The tax revenue made in January was the highest since May, 2022 when the state garnered $12.5 million.

The sales data for January brings the total amount of marijuana sold in Nevada to $3.66 billion, and brings the total tax revenue made to $660 million.

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In Maine Legal Marijuana Sales Passed $16 Million in March

In March legal marijuana retail outlets in Maine sold over $16 million in marijuana and marijuana products, the second highest month of the past 12.

Data released by Maine’s Office of Cannabis Policy shows that there was $16,622,537 in legal marijuana sales in March. Over the past 12 months only August saw more sales with $17,042,278.

The sales total for March brings the yearly total to $45,314,673, and the total since the start of legal sales in late 2020 to $290,442,617. Between January and March there was 764,333 total sales transactions at licensed marijuana stores, with there being 279,770 in March alone.
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