Michigan House Approves Bill to Lower Age to Work at Marijuana Stores to 19

Michigan’s House of Representatives has given approval to a legislative proposal that would allow those who are 19 and 20 years old to work and volunteer at state licensed marijuana retail outlets.

“A person who is 19 years of age or older may manufacture, purchase, distribute, and sell marihuana accessories if the person is an agent acting on behalf of a marihuana establishment”, states House Bill 4322. The current age is aligned with the age to possess and use marijuana, which is 21.

The measure was filed by State Representative Kevin Coleman along with cosponsors Representatives Jimmie Wilson, Emily Dievendorf, Dylan Wegela, Mike McFall, Graham Filler, Tullio Liberati and James DeSana. Although the measure allows those who are 19 and 20 to work at marijuana stores, it does not allow them to consume marijuana.
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Study: Treatment With Cannabinoids “Resulted in Decreased Clinical Markers of Inflammation”

In a new study “treatment with cannabinoids resulted in decreased clinical markers of inflammation”, with the anti-inflammatory effect of CBC and CBD in conjunction “associated with a greater anti-inflammatory effect than either minor cannabinoid alone.”

The study was published in the journal Annals of Plastic Surgery, and is titled The Mechanism of Cannabichromene and Cannabidiol Alone Versus in Combination in the Alleviation of Arthritis-Related Inflammation. It was conducted by researchers at the University of Virginia and the Departments of Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery.

“Patients suffering from arthritis have limited treatment options for nonoperative management”, states the study’s researchers. “In search of pain relief, patients have been taking over-the-counter cannabinoids. Cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabichromene (CBC) are minor cannabinoids with reported analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and have been implicated as potential therapeutics for arthritis-related pain.”
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NFL QB Cam Newton Suggests Kickers Use Marijuana to Calm Their Nerves

In a recent interview former Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton suggested that NFL kickers may benefit from using marijuana before big kicks.

When asked in a Youtube video which positions Newton thought could most benefit from marijuana use, he said “I’m going with kicker. Your anxiety meter is extremely low when using marijuana, and a lot of kickers miss kicks because they get too excited, right? They never roll the doobie up and give it to the kicker right before they go out there. They would calmer in the game”.

Although under current NFL policy marijuana use isn’t allowed, the league last year introduced a new set of rules which significantly toned down punishments for those who test positive for marijuana when drug tested. Still, many have said that isn’t near enough of a change, especially when you consider that the vast majority of NFL teams are located in states where marijuana is legal.
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Colorado Marijuana Tax Revenue for May Just Shy of $23 Million

Colorado’s marijuana industry sold enough product in May for the state to garner $22,956,910 in tax revenue.

The nearly made $23 million in marijuana taxes made in May is a roughly 8% decrease from the $25,128,221 in marijuana taxes Colorado made in April, according to the Colorado Department of Revenue. However, it’s on par with the $23.1 million made in March.

Colorado’s year-to-date marijuana tax total is now just about $120 million. The total since the start of legal sales in 2014 is $2.4 billion.
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Maine Legislature Approves Bill to Establish Gun Rights for Marijuana Consumers

Legislation that would allow marijuana consumers to legally possess firearms and firearm ammo has been passed by Maine’s full legislature.

House Bill 1103 has now been passed by the full Senate as well as the full House of Representatives, with both chambers concurring around the same bill text. The measure will now be sent to Governor Janet Mills for consideration,

Filed by State Representative David Boyer, HB 1103 is cosponsored by a tripartisan group of seven other lawmakers.
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In Montana, $26 Million in Legal Marijuana Sold in May

In May Montana marijuana sales passed $26 million for just the fourth time.

According to data released by the Montana Cannabis Control Division, there was a total of $26,096,828 in legal marijuana sold in May. This includes dried marijuana flower as well as marijuana products such as edibles, tinctures, concentrates and topicals.

In May medical marijuana patients purchased $5,288,730 worth of product, a slight decrease from the $5,443,376 sold in April. However, the $20,808,098 in recreational marijuana purchased in May is an increase from the $20,373,979 sold in April.
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Nevada Governor Signs Bill Increasing Marijuana Possession Limit By 250%

Nevada legislation that will drastically increase the possession limit for legal marijuana and marijuana concentrates has been signed into law by Governor Joe Lombardo.

Senate Bill 277 has been signed into law after passing the Assembly 28 to 14, and passing the Senate 14 to 6.

The new law increases the possession limit for dried marijuana from one ounce, to 2.5 ounces. It also doubles the limit for concentrates from one-eight of an ounce to one-fourth of an ounce. In addition, the law allows dispensaries to obtain dual licenses, allowing them to sell to both medical patients and recreational consumers.
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Vermont Governor Allows Medical Marijuana Reform Bill to Become Law Without Signature

Vermont Governor Phil Scott has allowed to become law a bill that alters the state’s medical marijuana laws, including doubling the allowed THC content.

Governor Scott chose to neither veto House Bill 270, or sign it into law. With the deadline for the governor to decide now passed, the measure has become law without an executive signature.

Under the new law the maximum amount of THC allowed in packaged marijuana products is increased from 50 mg to 100 mg. The law also alters the number of plants a medical marijuana patient can grow for personal use from a total of nine to a total of 18, six of which can be mature.
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NCAA Committee Calls for Marijuana to be Removed From Athletes’ Banned Drug List and Testing Protocols

The NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports has signaled its support for removing cannabis from the Association’s banned drug list and testing protocols.

According to a press release, the committee will gather input from the membership this summer, with final action expected in the fall.

This issue was referred to the committee, which met in Indianapolis this week, by Divisions II and III. Those divisions asked CSMAS to further consider the Association’s cannabis policy and whether NCAA drug testing should be limited to performance-enhancing substances.
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Louisiana Governor Signs Marijuana Expungement Bill Into Law, Goes Into Effect August 1

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has signed into law a bill that will allow for the quick expungement (removal from records) of convictions related to marijuana possession.

House Bill 286 allows those with a misdemeanor conviction for marijuana possession to file a motion to expunge the charge 90 days following their conviction. First-time offenders would be exempt from processing fees.

Under current law a person may file a motion to expunge his record of arrest and conviction of a misdemeanor offense if the conviction “was set aside and prosecution was dismissed”, or if more than “five years have elapsed since the person completed any sentence, deferred adjudication, or period of probation and parole, and the person has not been convicted of any felony offense during such period, and has no felony charge pending against him.”
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