Montana Governor Signs Marijuana Measures Into Law

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte has signed into law a pair of marijuana-related bills.

Governor Gianforte signed House Bill 128, extending the state’s current moratorium on licenses for new marijuana businesses until July 1, 2025. The measure also gives tribal nations the same privileges as other cannabis businesses, with all eight tribal nations in the state guaranteed marijuana permits.

Governor Gianforte also signed into law House Bill 903. The measure requires that holders of multiple licenses pay higher fees. Specifically, an initial license now costs $5,000 with each additional permit costing an additional $5,000. The legislation also allows the 16 businesses that currently are only allowed to sell medical marijuana to also start selling recreational marijuana.
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North Carolina Medical Marijuana Bill Scheduled for Committee Hearing on May 30

After being reassigned to the House Health Committee, a North Carolina bill to legalize medical marijuana has been scheduled for a pubic hearing on Tuesday, May 30 at 10 am.

Senate Bill 3, the “Compassionate Care Act”, was approved by the Senate in March,  36 to 10. The measure was quickly assigned to the House Rules, Calendar, and Operations Committee, where it had remained since March 6 before being reassigned to the House Health Committee last week. Now, the committee has scheduled a hearing on the bill, to take place Tuesday morning.

Under SB 3 those with a “debilitating medical condition” such as cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and post-traumatic stress disorder would be allowed to possess and consume medical marijuana and marijuana products if they receive a recommendation from a licensed physician.
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Maine Bill to Remove All Marijuana Crimes and Expunge All Marijuana Convictions Advances

Maine legislation filed by Senator Joseph Baldacci would “remove all marijuana-related provisions from the Maine criminal code and expunge all convictions involving marijuana”.

Senate Bill 1789 was filed last month and quickly assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Judiciary Committee. The measure has now been reported out of the Senate Judiciary Committee and assigned to the Senate Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.

SB 1789 would give Maine the most progressive marijuana law in the country and potentially world by removing all possession limits for possessing, purchasing, growing and selling marijuana. Currently those 21 and older are allowed to possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and grow up to six plants.
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Triple-Bind, Placebo Controlled Study Finds CBD Lowers Blood Pressure in Patients with Hypertension

According to a new clinical trial “chronic administration of CBD reduces ambulatory blood pressure in those with untreated and treated hypertension”.

The study was published in the recent issue of the peer-reviewed journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, and it was published online ahead of print by the US National Library of Medicine.

“Recent data indicate that cannabidiol (CBD), a nonintoxicating constituent of cannabis, is involved in several aspects of cardiovascular regulation, including blood pressure (BP)”, begins the study’s abstract.
“However, the impact of chronic CBD administration on 24-h BP and vascular health has not been previously examined in patients with hypertension.”
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Nevada Legislature Approves Resolution Urging Federal Government to Deschedule Marijuana

A Nevada resolution that urges the federal government to deschedule marijuana was passed yesterday by the full Senate, having already passed the Assembly.

Filed by State Representative Reuben D’Silva, Assembly Joint Resolution 8 is cosponsored by a bipartisan coalition of 35 other lawmakers. The resolution states that “the members of the 82nd Session of the Nevada Legislature hereby urge Congress to support legislation to remove cannabis from schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act.”

Furthermore the resolution mandates that the “Chief Clerk of the Assembly prepare and transmit a copy of this resolution to the Vice President of the United States as the presiding officer of the United States Senate, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and each member of the Nevada Congressional Delegation”.
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Minnesota Governor Signs Bills to Allow Drug Consumption Sites, Create Psychedelics Task Force

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has signed into law legislation that will fund the creation of safe drug consumption sites and will establish a psychedelics task force to study a pathway to legalization.

(Photo credit: Sound Publishing)

The proposals allowing for safe drug consumption sites (also referred to as “overdose prevention centers”) and creating a psychedelic task force were passed by the legislature as part of larger omnibus bills that cover a variety of topics related to health and human services. The governor also signed a harm reduction bill that legalizes the possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Psychedelic Medicine Task Force, consisting of 23 members, will be tasked with advising lawmakers on “the legal, medical, and policy issues associated with the legalization of psychedelic medicine in the state.” The task force will focus on psilocybin, MDMA and LSD, and is being funded with a two-year appropriation of around half a million dollars.
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California Psychedelic Legalization Bill Passed by Full Senate

A California bill to legalize the personal possession of several psychedelic substances, including magic mushrooms (psilocybin), has been passed by the full Senate.

The Senate voted 21 to 16 today to pass Senate Bill 58. The measure would legalize the possession of up to two grams of DMT, 15 grams of ibogaine, two grams of psilocybin (or up to four ounces of “a plant or fungi containing psilocybin”) and two grams of psilocyn (or up to four ounces of “a plant or fungi containing psilocybin”).

SB 58 would legalize the “possession, preparation, obtaining, transfer, as specified, or transportation” of the above-mentioned substances” for personal or facilitated use”. It would also allow for “group counseling and community-based healing” and would legalize “any spores or mycelium capable of producing mushrooms or other material which contain psilocybin or psilocyn.”
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Colorado Governor Signs Bill Establishing Framework for Legal Psychedelics With No Possession Limit

Legislation to legally regulate certain psychedelics has been signed into law by Governor Jared Polis.

Legal Psychedelics

Governor Polis signed Senate Bill 23-290 into law today, three weeks after it was sent to him by the state’s legislature. It passed the House 45 to 18 and the Senate 25 to 11.

SB 23-290 places no specific possession limits on the personal use of psilocybin, ibogaine, mescaline, DMT and psilocyn for those 21 and older, while establishing a legal framework for obtaining them. The bill was introduced in response to a voter-approved initiative that legalized certain psychedelics while tasking state lawmakers with establishing regulations.
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Maine Bill Would Almost Double Marijuana Tax Rate

Legislation filed in the Maine Legislature would significantly increase the tax rate for legal marijuana sales.

Filed by State Representative Matthew Moonen, Legislative Document 1946 has been assigned to the House Taxation Committee in the House and the Senate Taxation Committee in the Senate.

The proposed law would increase the tax rate for marijuana sales from 5.5%, to 10%. The change would take effect on October 1 of this year.
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Louisiana Marijuana Expungement Bill Passed by House 69 to 30

Louisiana’s full House of Representatives has passed a bill to allow for the quick expungement of marijuana possession convictions.

House Bill 286 was passed yesterday 69 to 30 through the House of Representatives, sending it to the Senate for consideration. The proposal allows those with a misdemeanor conviction for marijuana possession to file a motion to expunge the charge 90 days following their conviction. First-time offenders would be exempt from processing fees.

The measure was filed by Representative Delisha Boyd with 22 cosponsors.
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