Minnesota House Gives Final Approval to Marijuana Legalization Bill, Senate to Vote Soon

After a conference committee reached a deal on a specific framework for a bill to legalize marijuana, the House has officially voted in favor of the proposal, sending it to the Senate.

The House voted 73 to 57 today to pass HF 100, with the Senate expected to vote on the measure as soon as tomorrow. Passage in the Senate would send it to Governor Tim Walz, who plans to swiftly sign it into law.

The measure will legalize the possession of up to two ounces of marijuana, eight grams of marijuana concentrates and 800mg of marijuana edibles, for those 21 and older, while allowing them to cultivate up to eight marijuana plants. Those cultivating at home would be allowed to possess up to two pounds.

The measure creates the Office of Cannabis Management and tasks it with overseeing the legal marijuana industry, which will include a system of licensed marijuana retail outlets supplied by licensed producers. Marijuana will be taxed at 10%.

Localities won’t be allowed to ban marijuana stores outright, but could limit the outlets to one per 12,500 residents.

The proposal also allows for the automatic expungement of past marijuana convictions, with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension charged with overseeing the expungement process.

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