Vermont Senate Committee Passes House-Approved Medical Marijuana Bill

A Vermont bill that would double the cap on THC for medical marijuana products, among other changes, has been passed by a key Senate committee.

House Bill 270 was passed today by the Senate Committee on Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs. It has already been passed through the full House of Representatives, and has been assigned to the Senate Finance Committee. Passage in the Finance Committee will allow the full Senate to take up the proposal.

House Bill 270 would increase the maximum amount of THC allowed in packaged marijuana products from 50 mg to 100 mg, and would alter the number of plants a medical marijuana patient can grow for personal use from a total of nine to a total of 18, six of which can be mature. The bill would also change the renewal period to once every five years for all patients except those who qualify for chronic pain, who would still have to renew every year.

In addition, the measure would:

  • Repeal the Cannabis Control Board Advisory Committee
  • End the sunset of the Cannabis Control Board in 2024
  • Clarifying what constitutes the advertisement of cannabis product
  • Creates a new propagator license, which would allow for production of clones or immature cannabis
  • Expand the qualifying medical conditions that would allow someone to participate in the medical
    cannabis program
  • Changes background check requirements for caregivers and allows caregivers to care for up to 2
    people at a time
  • Changes the renewal period for medical registry cards for people with certain types of qualifying

The full text of House Bill 270 can be found by clicking here.

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