Missouri Marijuana Sales Reach $117 Million in September, $1 Billion Year-to-Date

Licensed marijuana retail outlets sold over $117 million in worth of products in September.

The $117.8 million in marijuana and marijuana products sold in September is a modest decrease from the $119 million sold in August. This is according to data released by the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services.

Although recreational marijuana sales were actually higher in September than August, $98.2 million compared to $97, medical marijuana sales decreased; $19.6 million from $22 million.

The monthly high so far this year was set in March, with $126 million sold.

The year-to-date total for marijuana sales in Missouri is now just shy of $1 billion at $990 million, with the cumulative total since the start of medical marijuana sales in 2020 now standing at $1.549 billion.

September marks the eighth straight month where marijuana sales has passed $100 million.

Recreational marijuana was legalized in Missouri last year for those 21 and older, with marijuana stores opening in February. The law allows for the possession of up to three ounces of marijuana. Adults can also cultivate up to six flowering plants, six immature plants, and six plants under 14 inches for personal use.

The state’s medical marijuana law was passed by voters in 2018, with the first dispensary opening their doors in October, 2020.

In Missouri recreational marijuana is taxed at 6%, in addition to the state’s 4.2% statewide sales tax. Medical marijuana is taxed at just 4%. Localities are also allowed to establish a citywide tax of up to 3%.

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