Ohio: Supporters of Marijuana Legalization Initiative Have Outraised Opponents 3.5 to 1

Those in support of an Ohio initiative to legalize recreational marijuana have drastically outraised opponents of the measure.

According to state filings, the coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol has raised nearly $1.2 million as of October 23. They have spent around $820,000 of that, leaving them with around $380,000 cash on hand.

Protect Ohio Workers and Families, the primary coalition opposing Issue 2, raised around $342,000 during the same period. They have spent $230,000 of that, giving them around $112,000 on hand.

Issue 2, which is being voted on in less than two weeks on November 7, would legalize the personal possession of up to two and a half ounces of marijuana, and up to 15 grams of marijuana concentrates, for those 21 and older. The personal cultivation of marijuana at a personal residence in an enclosed location would also be allowed.

Issue 2 would establish a system of licensed, taxed and regulated marijuana businesses and retail outlets, overseen by a newly-created Division of Cannabis Control. The state would be required to issue at least 50 marijuana retail licenses.

According to polling released last week, 57% of likely Ohio voters plan to vote “Yes” on Issue 2. Separate polling released in August found that 59% of Ohio voters support legalizing marijuana, while 67% were found to support legalization in a poll released last month.

A report released in August found that the state could gain up to $403 million in new tax revenue from the legal distribution of marijuana and marijuana products to those 21 and older.

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