Get Paid to Smoke Free Joints: DaySavers and Cannabis Research Coalition Extend Sign-Up for Study

DaySavers and the Cannabis Research Coalition, continue to seek those interesting in participating in their first-of-its-kind study called The Science of Smokeability (SOS).

“DaySavers is partnering with the Cannabis Research Coalition on a groundbreaking study on the Science of Smokeability”, states DaySavers on their website. “This 2+ year study will be exploring how cultivation and processing metrics impact the smoking experience, filling a critical gap in cannabis research. 200 random participants will be shipped 2 free pre-rolls and be paid $4.20 to smoke those joints and fill out a survey comparing the 2 pre-rolls. The data collected in this study will change the way cannabis is grown and how pre-rolls are made for the rest of time – this is your chance to be part of history!”

DaySavers has extended the enrollment period for the study, from June 30 to July 31.

In a press release earlier this month, DaySavers said:

Currently, cannabis is cultivated to maximize yield and cannabinoid content. No study to date has ever evaluated how cultivation practices or post-harvest processing impact the smokeability of the final product. The SOS study promises “to contribute significantly to the evolution of the cannabis industry by providing actionable insights that link cultivation and manufacturing practices to consumer experiences.” This research “not only has the potential to improve product quality and consistency, but also promote sustainability, profitability, and a deeper scientific understanding of cannabis as a medicinal and recreational product.”

Pre-rolls will be distributed to participants in selected phases of the study to gather qualitative feedback. DaySavers will be paying $4.20 to 200 randomly selected individuals, who will receive 2 free pre-rolls and be asked to fill out a qualitative survey comparing the 2 joints.

Harrison Bard, CEO and Co-Founder of DaySavers and Custom Cones USA, says, “Through this research, we will be shedding light on some major unknowns in the cannabis industry. This type of research exists and has been proven to be extremely important in the tobacco industry, so we are excited to pave the way for a safer and more enjoyable future for the cannabis industry where quality and standards are at the forefront of cannabis cultivation and pre-roll product development.”

Allison Justice, PhD, founder of the Cannabis Research Coalition, said “This partnership highlights the pivotal importance of industry-wide collaboration and underscores the significance of research initiatives for shaping the future of the cannabis sector. This cross-departmental research collaboration extends beyond mere acquisition of sustainable and profitable cultivation and post-harvest metrics; we are actively establishing the benchmarks for ensuring the highest standards in producing flower intended for combustion”.

Those interested in participating in this study can sign up here.

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