New Hampshire Bill to Allow Medical Marijuana for Any Condition Sent to Governor Sununu

Legislation to allow medical marijuana for any condition a physician deems necessary has been given final approval by the New Hampshire Legislature, and will now be sent to Governor Chris Sununu.

House Bill 1278 has been passed by both the House and Senate after a conference committee concurred on amendments made in the Senate. The measure will now be sent to Governor Chris Sununu, who is expected to sign it into law.

Filed by State Representative Wendy Thomas, the proposal will repeal the state’s list of qualifying medical marijuana conditions and replace it with a provision allowing medical marijuana for “any debilitating or terminal medical condition or symptom for which the potential benefits of using therapeutic cannabis would, in the provider’s clinical opinion, likely outweigh the potential health risks for the patient.”

The measure states that “In order to certify a patient under this category, a certifying provider shall include on the written certification the patient’s specific condition or symptom and attest to their clinical opinion.”

Once enacted, the measure will allow any licensed physician to recommend medical marijuana for any condition, removing the need to adhere to a predefined list of qualifying conditions.

For the full text of House Bill 1278, click here.

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