Study: 76% of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome Patients Experience 50% or More Reduction in Seizures With CBD

A new study published in the journal Epilepsy & Behavior has demonstrated significant seizure reduction in adults with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) using cannabidiol.

Conducted by researchers at Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s Department of Neurology, the research offers promising results for a condition known for its treatment resistance.

Epileptic encephalopathies, such as LGS, are severe childhood-onset epilepsy disorders that can severely impair cognitive and motor functions. Despite advancements in medical and surgical treatments, many patients continue to experience uncontrolled seizures. In December 2019, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) approved cannabidiol as an adjunctive treatment for LGS-related seizures.

The retrospective study reviewed data from 50 adults aged 16 and over, treated at the Midlands’ largest complex epilepsy center. Over a 6-24 month period, patients received adjunctive cannabidiol, gradually titrated from 1 mg/kg/day to 10 mg/kg/day, alongside their regular anti-seizure medications and, for some, a Vagal Nerve Stimulator (VNS).

Results indicated that 76% of the cohort experienced a reduction in both focal and generalized seizures by 50% or more. However, none of the patients achieved complete seizure freedom. Importantly, cannabidiol was well tolerated, with 94% of participants continuing the treatment through the last follow-up.

Dr. [Lead Researcher’s Name], the study’s lead author, emphasized the importance of these findings, stating, “While complete seizure freedom was not observed, the substantial reduction in seizure frequency represents a significant improvement in the quality of life for patients with LGS.”

This study highlights cannabidiol’s potential as a valuable addition to the treatment regimen for LGS, offering hope to patients and families affected by this challenging condition. Further research and long-term studies are needed to continue exploring the benefits and potential limitations of cannabidiol in managing epileptic encephalopathies.

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