Washington Initiative to Legalize Psychedelics Receives Approval for Signature Gathering

Washington State is advancing a new measure that seeks to legalize the personal use of several psychedelic substances, including psilocybin, psilocin, mescaline, and DMT.

Psilocybin (top left), mescaline (top right), DMT (bottom left), and psilocin (bottom right).

Spearheaded by the Responsible Entheogen Access and Community Healing Coalition (REACH WA), the initiative, now known as Initiative 2076, recently received its official ballot title and summary from the state’s secretary of state. This allows the campaign to begin collecting signatures. If they gather 324,516 signatures from registered Washington voters by July 2025, the initiative will be placed on the November 2025 ballot.

Under the proposed law, the noncommercial cultivation, possession, and transfer of psilocybin, psilocin, mescaline, DMT and  5-MeO-DMT would be legal for those 21 and older. Although these substances would not be sold through retail outlets, the measure does permit paid “supportive services,” enabling facilitators to be compensated for guiding psychedelic experiences. This model aligns with similar frameworks already established in Oregon and Colorado.

The measure requires that supportive services be provided in controlled environments where minors are not allowed, with penalties in place for violations. Driving under the influence of psychedelics would remain illegal. Providers of supportive services would need to adhere to strict guidelines, ensuring psychedelics are free from contaminants and maintaining professional boundaries with clients.

The initiative also proposes the creation of an advisory council to develop harm reduction materials, provide educational resources, and potentially investigate complaints. This council would include representatives from various sectors, including health, law enforcement, and indigenous groups, and would receive $800,000 in annual funding.

REACH WA celebrated the initiative’s progress in a Facebook post, stating: “The time has come! REACH WA’s initiative is now live on the SOS website! We are committed to refining and improving the language of our initiative, whether it’s for the next ballot or in hopes of finding a legislative sponsor.”

The Secretary of State’s office provided the following ballot title and summary for Initiative 2076:

Ballot Title: “Initiative Measure No. 2076 concerns the regulation of hallucinogenic substances.”

Ballot Summary: “This measure would define certain hallucinogenic substances as ‘natural psychedelics’ and authorize individuals over 21 to possess, use, cultivate, or transfer such substances under state law, subject to restrictions. It would authorize, define, and regulate ‘supportive services’; impose duties and restrictions on providers; create a cause of action for noncompliance; and create an advisory council requiring legislative appropriation. It would set penalties for violations and state an intent to supersede inconsistent state and local laws.”

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