Federal Legislation to Deschedule Marijuana Has 107 Sponsors in the US House and Senate

Legislation that would deschedule marijuana and allow for the expungement of past marijuana offenses now has a combined 107 sponsors in the United States House of Representatives and Senate.

The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act, filed in April 2023, now has 89 sponsors. The measure aims to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level by removing it from the Controlled Substances Act, while expunging the records of individuals with prior marijuana convictions. Additionally, the MORE Act would establish a federal excise tax on legal marijuana sales. In the House, the SAFE Banking Act is the only marijuana-related bill with more sponsors than the MORE Act.
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North Carolina Tribe Votes to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Sales, Superstore to Open to Everyone 21+

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (ECBI) has officially voted to legalize recreational marijuana sales, allowing their marijuana superstore to open soon to everyone 21 and older regardless of if they’re a tribal member.

(Photo credit: Will Hofmann/Ashebille Citizen Times).

In September members of the EBCI voted overwhelmingly in favor of a referendum that asked “Do you support legalizing the possession and use of cannabis for persons who are at least twenty-one (21) years old, and require the EBCI Tribal Council to develop legislation to regulate the market?”

Now, the council has officially passed a law adopting the referendum into law, allowing recreational marijuana sales to begin by August. The vote was 8 to 2.
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There Are Now 644 Active Marijuana Strains in Massachusetts

There are currently 644 different marijuana strains being sold legally throughout Massachusetts.

(Photo credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

According to data compiled and released by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC), there were 644 active marijuana strains as of May 2024. This is nearly double the number of strains reported in June 2022 (330) and significantly more than the total for June 2023 (487).

The CCC also reported that the average price per gram of legal marijuana is $5.36, slightly higher than the $5.32 low set in February of this year, but drastically lower than the $14.68 average in 2020. The average cost per ounce is currently $151.94, marking an over 60% drop from the $416 average in 2020.

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Frederick County, Maryland Eliminates Pre-Employment Drug Tests for Most Public Positions

Frederick County, Maryland, has removed pre-employment drug screening requirements for most public employees.

(Photo credit: Emily Koonce)

This change, announced by Frederick County Executive Jessica Fitzwater, affects the county’s workforce of approximately 3,400 people, except for those in specific “safety-sensitive” roles like law enforcement, who will still be subject to testing.

This policy shift follows the state’s legalization of cannabis production, sale, and use last year. However, the legislation did not include explicit workplace protections for employees who use cannabis off-duty. A separate bill introduced this year aimed at limiting employers’ ability to penalize workers for past cannabis use did not advance.
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US Senate Approves Resolution Calling for Release of American Jailed 14 Years in Russia for Medical Marijuana

The full United States Senate has given approval to a resolution calling for the immediate release of several Americans imprisoned in Russia.

Marc Fogel, an American citizen jailed in Russia for 14 years for possessing 17 grams of medical marijuana.

One of those individuals was Marc Fogel, a teacher from Pennsylvania who was sentenced to 14 years in prison for possessing a little over half an ounce of marijuana that was prescribed by his doctor.

Today the Senate voted to pass Senate Resolution 629 to the full Senate.
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Vermont: $11 Million in Legal Marijuana Sales in March, Second-Highest Month Ever

There was roughly $11 million in legal marijuana and marijuana products sold in Vermont in March.

According to the Vermont Department of Taxes, there was $10.98 million in legal marijuana sales in March, bringing the yearly total to $32 million. Marijuana sales brought in $1.54 million in tax revenue for March, and around $4.5 million for the year.

The only month in Vermont with more legal marijuana sales is December 2023, with $11.10 million, with $1.55 million in taxes garnered.
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These 8 States Are Set to Legalize Marijuana Within the Next 18 Months

Between now and the November 2025 election, multiple states are set to join the 24 that have legalized recreational marijuana.

Recently, we published an article on the three states set to legalize marijuana within the next three months. In this article, we’ll broaden the scope and examine the states expected to legalize marijuana within the next 18 months — between now and the end of 2025.

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Poll: Just 20% of New Jersey Residents Oppose Legalizing Medical Psilocybin, 16% Have Used Psychedelics

According to new polling released by Stockton University’s William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy, a solid majority of New Jersey residents support legalizing the medical use of psilocybin, the psychoactive compound found in “magic mushrooms”.

Dried psilocybin mushrooms.

The poll, with a margin of error of +/- 4.0 percentage points at a 95% confidence level, found that most New Jersey residents (57%) were at least somewhat aware of the medicinal use of psychedelics to treat mental health disorders. Additionally, a little more than half of New Jerseyans (55%) support legalizing such treatment under a doctor’s supervision, while 20% oppose it and 24% are unsure.

Specifically, participants were asked: “Psilocybin is the psychoactive ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms. Do you support or oppose the New Jersey government legalizing psilocybin for medicinal use to treat mental health disorders under a doctor’s supervision?”
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Study Finds No Link Between Marijuana Use and Erectile Dysfunction or Altered Hormone Levels

A recent study by Yangtze University and Tongji University in China has found no evidence that marijuana use causes erectile dysfunction (ED) or affects sex hormone levels.

Published in the International Journal of Impotence Research and online by the US National Library of Medicine, the study used advanced genetic analysis to investigate these potential links.

Previous research suggested that cannabis might increase the risk of ED by disrupting hormone levels. However, these claims have been debated, and a clear cause-and-effect relationship had not been established. This new study aimed to clarify these concerns by examining genetic data from large health databases in Finland (FinnGen) and the UK (UK Biobank).
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Vice President Kamala Harris Talks Marijuana Reform on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Emphasizes Fighting Opioid Addiction

Vice President Kamala Harris, in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, implied that calling marijuana a gateway drug is antiquated thinking and suggested that resources spent on marijuana prohibition would be better used to combat opioid addiction.

During the interview Jimmy Kimmel focused heavily on the Biden and Harris Administration’s recent efforts to reform federal marijuana laws, including the DEA’s move to reschedule marijuana.

“I think we both agree that people shouldn’t have to go to jail for smoking weed”, said Harris. “And we’ve pardoned a number of people.”
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