Poll: U.S. Adults Support Ending Federal Marijuana Ban by a 50-Point Margin

According to a new Data for Progress poll, 74% of American adults support ending the federal ban on marijuana, with just 24% opposed to the idea.

Support for ending the nation’s ban on marijuana was highest among Democrats at 81%, but there was still widespread support among Independents (76%) and Republicans (65%).

Of those who support ending marijuana prohibition, 47% “strongly support” the move, while 27% “somewhat support” it. For those opposed, it’s split 12% to 12% among those who “strongly oppose” it and those who “somewhat oppose” it. Just 4% remain undecided.

The poll also found that by a +52-point margin, voters overwhelmingly support expunging marijuana-related convictions for nonviolent offenses. Again, there is bipartisan consensus: Nearly all Democrats (85%), 74% of Independents, and 63% of Republicans support expunging nonviolent marijuana offenses. Support is especially strong among Democrats, 59% of whom say they “strongly support” expunging such convictions.

The SAFE Banking Act would allow marijuana-related businesses to access the financial system,  federal public benefits, and federally backed loans, and voters support these major provisions of the bill. By a +65-point margin, voters support ensuring that banks do not discriminate against legitimate marijuana-related businesses, and by a +57-point margin, voters support ensuring those businesses access to U.S. financial systems.

Voters also support ensuring that workers in marijuana-related businesses receive the same access to federal benefits as others. Roughly 3 in 4 voters (72%) support ensuring that workers in marijuana-related businesses are not barred from federal public benefits for which they are eligible. Similar levels of support exist for ensuring marijuana business workers have access to federally backed housing loans (73%) and ensuring that people are not locked out of federally assisted housing where marijuana is legal (72%).

More information on this new polling can be found by clicking here.

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