Pennsylvania House Passes Senate-Approved Bill to Allow All Licensed Marijuana Growers to Sell Directly to Patients

Pennsylvania’s full House of Representatives has passed a Senate-approved bill to allow all licensed marijuana growers and processors to sell marijuana directly to patients.

Senate Bill 773 was passed through the House Wednesday by a vote of 114 to 49. The measure was approved by the full Senate in a 44 to 3 vote last month, but it must go back to that chamber for one final vote before it can be sent to Governor Josh Shapiro given it was amended slightly in the House.

Filed by Senator Chris Gebhard along with a bipartisan coalition of seven cosponsors, the measure would allow all licensed marijuana growers to receive a dual license that also allows them to operate a dispensary where they can sell marijuana and marijuana products.

Under Pennsylvania’s current medical marijuana law, passed in 2016, no more than five of the state’s 25 licensed marijuana growers and processors can also operate a dispensary, with the rest required to sell their product to a dispensary operated by someone else. SB 773 would change this to allow all licensed growers to also operate a dispensary, if they so choose.

The measure is supported by Senate Majority Leader Jay Costa, who says that the current law allows for a “monopoly-type situation with out-of-state, multi-state organizations coming in to the detriment of these independent grower-processors”.

You can find the full text of Senate Bill 773 by clicking here.

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