Second Minnesota House Committee Passes Bill to Legalize Marijuana

A second committee in Minnesota’s House of Representatives has given approval to a bill that would make marijuana legal for those 21 and older.

A little over a week after the House Commerce, Finance and Policy Committee voted to approve House Bill 100 to legalize marijuana, the House Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Committee has done the same, passing the measure on a voice vote.

“Members, Minnesotans are ready,” says State Representative Zack Stephenson, who sponsored the bill with 29 cosponsors. “Cannabis should not be illegal in Minnesota.”

In addition to allow for marijuana expungements, House Bill 100 “would set up a regulatory framework and permit cannabis use for any reason for people 21 and older”, and would establish a state Cannabis Management Office to oversee the legal marijuana market. The measure would establish an 8% marijuana excise tax, which would be added to the state’s standard 6.8% sales tax.

House Bill 100 now goes to the House Environment and Natural Resources Finance and Policy Committee, where its passage will put it before the full House of Representatives.

The full text of House Bill 100 can be found by clicking here.

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