Missouri: Legal Marijuana Sales Surpass $120 Million in May, Cumulative Sales Top $2.5 Billion

In Missouri, legal marijuana sales topped $120 million for the third time.

In May, $123.7 million worth of marijuana and marijuana products were sold legally in Missouri, just shy of the record $124.7 million sold in March.

Of the total sales in May, $108.2 million came from recreational consumers, while $15.5 million was purchased by medical marijuana patients.

Cumulative sales now stand at $2.54 billion, with the yearly total for 2024 surpassing half a billion dollars at $576 million.

In 2023 there was $1.3 billion in legal marijuana sales, generating over $100 million in tax revenue for the state.

Missouri voters legalized recreational marijuana in 2022, with stores opening in February 2023. The law allows adults 21 and older to possess up to three ounces of marijuana and cultivate up to six plants for personal use. The state’s medical marijuana law was approved by voters in 2018, with the first dispensaries opening in October 2020.

Recreational marijuana in Missouri is taxed at 6%, in addition to the state’s 4.2% sales tax. Medical marijuana is taxed at 4%. Local governments can also impose a citywide tax of up to 3%.

In April’s primary election, Dent County and the cities of Desloge, Cool Valley, Fenton, Marthasville, Pagedale, Velda City and Winchester voted to pass ordinances to implement a 3% marijuana tax.

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